International Conference on Youth and Interfaith Communication

Building Bridges through Interfaith Dialogue and Citizen-to-Citizen Collaboration  

About the Organizers:

The International Conference on Youth and Interfaith Communication was organized and hosted in Jos, Nigeria by New Era Educational and Charitable Support Foundation, a Jos-Nigeria based International non-religious, non-political, non-ethnic, non-profit, humanitarian and educational support organization committed to promoting the resurgence of human values in all aspects of life across the globe. These values include a sense of belonging to a common humanity, respect and consideration for all people, compassion and non-violence, a commitment to preserving the natural environment, and a social service ethic. For details, visit:


Fresh & Young Brains Development Initiative (FBI Nigeria),was founded on November 27th 2008  and is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria as a non-political, non-profit making and non-governmental organization. We advance attitudes, policies and actions that promote justice, social inclusion, social responsibility, environmental sustainability and meaningful participation for young people in Nigeria and beyond and encourages a more positive Youth-Adult Exchange. For details, visit:


Teachers Without Borders is an International Organization that supports teachers worldwide with professional development and tools that connect them with information and each other so that they may play a more vital role in their communities. The Conference received tremendous moral support and collaboration from the Africa Regional Office Teachers Without Borders in Abuja, Nigeria. For details and information about Teachers Without Borders, please visit:


Global Partners and Conference Supporters:

The Dalai Lama Foundation is a California, US-based non-profit, charitable international Organization committed to supporting the development of our shared global capacity for ethics and peace, based on a non-dogmatic ethic of compassion. The Foundation has chapters in the US, Canada, Russia, Nigeria, and its Ethics Study Circle Program is available in over 5 Languages in more than 15 countries of the world. For details and information about The Dalai Lama Foundation, please visit:


Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue Group of Sam Mateo, is a 15-year old San Francisco, USA-based model of sustained relationship building among Muslims, Jews and Christians, which provides guidelines, printed materials, films and personal assistance to diverse youth and adults who wish to engage to transcend old conflicts and invigorate the public peace process around the Earth for the good of all. The Conference received tremendous support in the form of DVDs sent to Participants by Libby and Len Traubman, Founders and Directors of the Living Room Dialogue Group. The DVDs were then distributed to participants at the conference.  Participants also had the opportunity to watch one of the DVDs titled “Dialogue at Washington High”, A 2007 Jewish and Palestinian exemplar Model of how to connect with the “other”, beginning with personal story, inspiring 10th Grade High School Students to engage each other, with a new quality of listening. The diverse youth then speak about their new ways of communicating.  For details and information about Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue Group, please visit: 


Order of Kush-Nigeria is an international educational and humanitarian Organization fighting global illiteracy and poverty. The Organization places special emphasis on improving the quality of life of all Africans, because when Africans “wake up” to their potential as a united people the faster they will overcome the social ills that have plagued them so for long. This includes African Americans, Afro-Canadians, and Afro-Caribbean— all people of African ancestry. The International Headquarters of Order of Kush is based in Chicago-USA. For details and information about Order of Kush, please visit:


Africa Christian Youth Development Foundation, a Jos-Nigeria based Cooperation Circle (CC) of the United Religions Initiative (URI), is committed to assisting people by building a practical foundation and understanding of love within individuals and society as a whole. For details and information about Africa Christian Youth Development Foundation, please visit:


Conference Media Partners:

Our Media partners, both from the print and electronic media, who were present and fully covered the International Conference on Youth and Interfaith Communication, included the following:

  1. Plateau Radio and Television Corporation (PRTVC), Jos, Nigeria
  2. Nigeria Television Authority
  3. Newsgate Communications, Publishers of Newsgate Magazine and Newspapers
  4. Deutschewelle Radio, Germany


Conference Participating Partners:

The following Organizations sent representatives and fully participated in all conference sessions. The Organizations included, but not limited to the ones listed below:

  1. The Climate Change Network of Nigeria
  2. G6 on Climate Change,  
  3. Ken Nnamani Center for Leadership and Development, Abuja, Nigeria
  4. Nigerian Greens Movement,
  5. African Youth Initiative on Climate Change (Nigeria Chapter)
  6. National Youth Council of Nigeria
  7. United Nations Volunteers, ProHealth International
  8. United Nations Development Program (UNDP)
  9. United Nations Environment Program (UNEP)
  10. Creative Minds International Academy, Jos
  11. Town Fellowship Gospel Team, Bokkos
  12. Nerat Integrated Services, Riyom
  13. ICON Afrique,
  14. United Religions Initiative,
  15. CRUDAN, North Central Zone
  16. Forever Living Products (FLP),
  17. Nigerian Environmental Study/Action Team (NEST)
  18. El-bethel Global Initiatives (Center for Youth Empowerment & Leadership Development)
  19. Global Peace Movement, Project Self/Synaxis
  20. National Youth Service Corp (NYSC Earth Charter Group)
  21. Treasure House, Nigeria
  22. Bauchi State Ministry of Health
  23. Youth Empowerment Forum (YEF)
  24. Youth In Transit Organization/For My Sake Org.
  25. Caring Palms for the Needy International
  26. Talk Village/Generations For Peace,
  27. All Nigerian United Nations Students and Youths Association (ANUNSA)
  28. Youth for Effective Leadership Foundation (YELF)
  29. Resource & Environmental Youth Development Initiative
  30. Young People’s Initiative
  31. Bauchi State Youth Network,
  32. Sacred Scholars Academy
  33. Nigeria Film Corporation
  34. Boni Flag Project, Tripod Africa
  35. Commercial Secondary School, Jos
  36. Federal College of Education (Tech), Gombe
  37. Catholic Action Group on HIV/AIDS, Otukpo
  38. Industrial Training Fund (ITF)
  39. Action in Distress Foundation (AID)
  40. Forward in Action for Conservation of Indigenous Species (FACIS)
  41. University of Abuja, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Sociology
  42. Community and Youth Outreach of Nigeria
  43. Center for Health, Community and Human Resources Development in Nigeria
  44. Plateau State Polytechnic, Barkin Ladi (Jos Campus)
  45. Teachers Without Borders
  46. Anwar Jannat Memorial Foundation, Pakistan
  47. Center for Nonviolence and Gender Advocacy in Nigeria
  48. Fresh and Young Brains Development Initiative
  49. New Era Educational and Charitable Support Foundation